vROps 6.2 is out ! Here is why you should deploy it.

The SDDC, as theorized by VMware is going, from a technical side, towards automation and industrialization. One of the major tool to achieve this goal for customers is vROps. vROps 6.0 significantly improved the automation level one can easily achieve with improved dashboards to understand better its environment and application, giving the ability to control deeper and easier the way everything is going and finally allowing automated action (even limited, the feature is paving the way for the future for Read More …

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vRA 7.0 is released. What about you ?

It’s a pretty exciting moment that we are living in the Cloud Industry and at VMware : vRA 7.0 is officially released. vRA 7.0 is here to smooth the way to leverage the “state of the art” technologies in the Cloud industry. I will post something later on the limitations in the coming days (hopefully). 4 main features have just landed with vRA 7.0 : vIDM : Identity Management was somehow a pain in vRA 6.x, for companies with special configuration, multiple Event Read More …

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Released my “Secure your Backup in the Cloud” program in v1.0

First of all, I must admit that I really care about my privacy. I do my best to scan all my documents if I cannot get them in a digital version. Quickly, I realized that finding a reliable way to back all this stuff up was “just” mandatory. I tried a few ways, using a “space exchange” with a friend of mine on each other’s server. (I really trust him if you were to guess at the first sentence). A few Read More …

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Certification : VCIX certification exams ready for launch

Yesterday, VMware announced the release in the coming weeks of the VCIX exams for the version 6 of the product line (vSphere, vRA, …). Just to remember everyone, VCIX exams are the new version of the formers well-know VCAP certifications. Gaining the VCIX certifications levels will require having and passing 2 exams : Administration and Design. Formerly, each passed exam granted you a certification but you required both to be able to open the way to the VCDX level. 2 more posts Read More …

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vROps / How to use the REST API to gather a metric’s configuration details

Really recently, I discussed with a customer which is planning to use, for very specific usecases, vROps 6. I am confident he will achieve what his customer is expecting from him. No doubt on this. By the way, my hands-on experience on vROps 6 told me that, while (over-)achieving your targets with vROps will undoubtfully be done, I also learnt that you may loose many times to just find the right metric for the right purpose. I had the opportunity Read More …

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New certification : VCP6-CMA (Cloud Management & Automation)

Just a quick update to say that I’ve just received my official VCP6-CMA (Cloud Management & Automation) e-Certificate. I now own VCP5-DCV, VCP-Cloud (on vCloud Director), VCP-NV and the brand new VCP6-CMA (on vRealize Automation). After the certification I earned on NSX, it was my last target for year 2015. I can now fully justify my technical enablement on the technologies I work with every days and weeks. It was quite challenging as I was not able to allow the required Read More …

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vRA / Re-installing the IaaS Server on the same Windows machine after a failure

I recently started the deployment of a “lab” environment of vRA. To be transparent, I did this to present vRealize Business “Standard” to some clients that are holding the right to use the product but do not know the product and its benefits. Anyway, I deployed this infrastructure (I may write an article on this deployment in a near future) : Srv1 : vRealize Automation (vRA, formerly know as vCAC : vCloud Automation Center) 6.2 Appliance Srv2 : IaaS Server (No Read More …

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New certification : VCP6-NV (Network Virtualization)

Just a quick update to say that I’ve just received my official VCP-NV / VCP6-NV e-Certificate. I now own VCP5-DCV, VCP-Cloud and VCP-NV. This was a really important target for me as I wanted to have a valuable certification package. It ensures my customers and partners that we can work closely together on a Cloud strategy, I can go with them both for strategy and technical deployment.  8,078 total views,  2 views today

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vROps / Howto create an XML file to customize automatically your dashboards

vCOps 5.x was a great product for Administrators but, vROps is just amazing. vCOps was really good and stable, let you customize many informations and screens, but vROps gave its users the ability to define easily reports, supermetrics (was possible in previous release but so difficult :)), XML files (was possible as well but not integrated in the UI). This list is really limited considering the numerous new features of vROps 6.0. In this article, I want to focus on XML Read More …

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Blog has been migrated

Hello, Just a small post to indicate the blog has been migrated to another URL. It was previously http://www.virtually-magic.com to http://desfontaines.eu. The migration took only 30 minutes (and a small “manual modification” to the table name modification I did manually :)). Let’s go to … bed now 🙂  7,228 total views,  2 views today

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