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Well, where to start … Basically, from the beginning I would say …

I have been thinking to this project for a while…

I wanted to initiate a project where I can freely share with anyone what I learn in my job, what I think about all these technologies.

My main concerns about this project as in my job are :

  1.  Keep it simple : simplicity is the best way (should I say the only one ?) to be understood by anyone. It’s also the easiest way to share knowledge.
  2. Bullshit in Bullshit out : I do want this project to be a way to share knowledge with anyone. The only way to achieve this is to work hard to understand what I want to share here. No bullshit No Bullshit out 🙂
  3. Be humble : no one can say : I know everything on everything. So here, I want to share what I know. There may be some errors (the less the better obviously :)) and if so, please advise me using email or comments. I will do my best to check and to put it right.

After that, I started looking for a domain name. Not an easy job. I wanted to have domain name that was available (seriously ?? :)), somewhat short enough, and related to the thema. was that domain name :

  1. Available 🙂
  2. 15 letters, 2 words, 1 hyphen : ok for me
  3. thema related : Virtually Magic, words starting by VM as in Virtual machines, virtually as in Virtual and also meaning almost (nothing is really magic :)) and Magic because all these technologies are somewhat like Magic even for some colleagues who are not familiar with this Virtualization.

And, the last point was the way to share all I have to say. I used to use wordpress. I choose it because it’s easy to deploy, easy to customize, easy to maintain. Well, an easy way to achieve my goal.

Finally, I do hope you will find this site useful and you will want to stay, to help me improve it.

Please, feel free to contact me if you have any comments, any subjects you want me to explain (if I can for sure :)), well for anything you want.

Stay tuned.

See you


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