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I have been quite silent for a few weeks. When I opened this blog, I promised myself I wouldn’t be silent too long between posts.

But, something has happened for me : I have been involved in a recruitment process ! And well, it happens. I have been hired.
For personals reasons, I will keep the company’s name secret (for the moment). But, I’m really really excited by working for it !!

I’m very excited of this new opportunity. The process started a long time ago (something like 3 month or so). But, the result is here ! I must admit that this is a little bit long for a recruitment process but, well, it gave me the time to be sure this position is the one I was looking for and it gave my future managers the time they required to be sure I was the right person they were looking for. Anyway, I’m so excited and proud of me 🙂

I’m looking for new articles to write but, as my next job is a little bit different of the current one, I must admit that I may not be able to write anything really interesting for now. Anyway, I have some exciting project to end before leaving, maybe I will post about them !

Stay tuned ! So excited !

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