Certification : VCIX certification exams ready for launch

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Yesterday, VMware announced the release in the coming weeks of the VCIX exams for the version 6 of the product line (vSphere, vRA, …). Just to remember everyone, VCIX exams are the new version of the formers well-know VCAP certifications. Gaining the VCIX certifications levels will require having and passing 2 exams : Administration and Design. Formerly, each passed exam granted you a certification but you required both to be able to open the way to the VCDX level.

2 more posts are expected on VMware blogs, from the VMware Education Services to announce the precise schedule of the different releases, materials to prepare, … but the rocket is ready for launch. If you want more details, you should read this post : https://blogs.vmware.com/education/2015/12/vcix6-certification-announcement-part-1-of-3.html.

For the moment, what we know is that Beta Exams will be opened for schedule early/mid January and first exams will be delivered last January. I will post some news as they are publicly released.

So, what’s within for you, my reader ?

From a personal standpoint, even though I’m not sure if I will engage or not on this certification path, I really believe that becoming a certified professional and moreover VMware Certified Implementation Expert is really important to demonstrate and help recognize your competencies. I always recommend my customer to think about the meaning of certifying themselves on VMware’s technologies. Not only does it add some recognition to their hard work and efforts of maintaining their knowledge but it helps their team to shine internally and develop trust within their own department and besides their management as well.

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  1. An update was published today on the VMware Education blog and finally the VCAP certification will be kept in the v6 Certification roadmap and with earning both VCAP (Design and Deployment), you will be rewarded with the VCIX status, opening the way to VCDX application.
    You should have a look at https://blogs.vmware.com/education/2015/12/vcix6-certification-announcement-part-2-3-updated-structure-paths.html in case you require more details.
    Please note that for NV certification, no Design exam is planned to be released and thus, you only need to pass the Deployment exam to earn the VCIX-NV status.

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