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An “About” section ?? Seriously ??

Well, I know it’s common but, there must be reason why this section is visible on almost every website.

So, why this site ?
I’m a true supporter of the virtualization technologies, mostly VMware’s technology 🙂
I started this site too because, I do want to share what I do in my job, how I do it. I will also share, from time to time, how I see these technologies, their evolution and their impact on datacenters and users.
I will share “howto”, some news, and everything I think has a deep impact on your and my knowledge of the datacenter evolution.
And, as a fan of technologies in general, I will share some news I liked to read (Apple, Google, Microsoft yes, sometimes, they do good things 🙂 , …).

I know I forgot something ? […] Huh, Who am I ?

Ludovic DESFONTAINES, currently Technical Account Manager (TAM) at VMware.
I’m a former Architect who worked for a famous Industry leading company, specialized in Nuclear Power Plants.
Since 2014, I work as TAM, helping my customer to leverage the VMware products they own.
Personally, I focus on vRA, NSX, vROps and VSAN, and globally on the SDDC stuff of VMware.

I also have experience with Storage solution (that’s why I work on VSAN as well), with Hardware storage vendor (VNX and VMAX with EMC, VSP with HDS, …). I also have experience with Backup solution (VDP-A :), but also Netbackup of Symantec, …).

Disclaimer :

All views expressed here are strictly mine and neither VMware nor any other company/people are liable in any views expressed here.
Also, no warranties are implied in posts or comments you will see here. If your production get broken, I may try to help, but, definitely, subscribe to the relevant support contracts.
GSS teams are awesome, VMware’s SnS contracts open the door to these guys.
This is said 🙂

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